I just returned home after a very hectic, busy morning.  I entered my small office  just to grab something and continue with my day, however, I decided that there was enough time to take a peek at the blog.

As I sat in my chair and put my feet up on the stool, as smile came across my face, my heart rate and breathing changed immediately. Within 10 seconds, I was relaxed.  I just discovered how soothing this space  really is for me.  It is so comforting.  Like walking in the woods after a rainfall.  I hope that you find your comfort today.  Namaste.



awarenessOn our journey toward self-improvement many changes occur. One of the most fundamental changes occurs in our awareness. Suddenly we are able to hear and see things that we had not noticed before. Continue reading “Awareness”

A Different Level of Consciousness


Occasionally, I am privileged to get in touch with my alpha brain; it usually happens early in the morning before I get out of bed. I lay there somewhere between awake and asleep. The dreams feel more real than regular night time dreams.

In the Alpha brain state, Continue reading “A Different Level of Consciousness”




Currently, I am working on drinking more water. My goal is two large glasses of water daily. While drinking more water does not sound like a challenging task, it is for me. I like water. I also like coffee, tea, and colas. To improve my water intake and therefore my health and appearance, I am using a few self-discipline techniques. Continue reading “DISCIPLINE”

Readers from Around The World






As I was reviewing my blog stats, I was feeling a bit discouraged. Despite the fact that I have close to 100 followers, many of my posts get fewer than 5 reads daily. But as I reviewed the map, of viewers, I became excited and encouraged.


There are readers from Madagascar, Malaysia, South Africa, Germany, Ireland, India, Switzerland, Singapore, Australia, The Czech Republic, The U.K Canada and the U.S. too.


To the readers from all around the world. Thank you for taking a moment. It is truly encouraging to see the reach of my work.

Please continue reading and thank you for following.


Auntie Starshine




I might believe in Unicorns. The story of the Unicorn has been around for so long, that its existence is rarely questioned. Recently, I was watching a cartoon with my granddaughter; the story was about a land where fairies are the protectors of the unicorns.

Every fairy story must have a villain; and, this one was true to form. The villain stole the unicorns to cut off their horns. She used the horns to keep herself young and beautiful. However, the unicorn magic also kept the fairyland alive. Because the villain stole most of the unicorns, the fairies lamented that there were not enough unicorns to sustain the fairyland.

Just then, I wondered, does a unicorn die if you cut off his horn?  Immediately, I Googled the question.  To my embarrassment, I was well into the third article about unicorns, when it occurred to me that they do not really exist.

But then again, here I am reading all of this information about supposedly mythical creatures. That thought led to another search. The question: Are Unicorns real? Well, this is what I found.

The Unicorn is Scotland’s National Animal but, on the other hand, the Unicorn is a myth.  According to the Encyclopedia Britannica, the Unicorn is a mythological creature which appeared “in early Mesopotamian artworks, and it also was referred to in the ancient myths of India and China.”

The Unicorn appeared in Greek Literature around 400 BCE, about 3000 years ago, when the historian Ctsesias described it as the “Indian wild ass which was the size of a horse, with a white body, purple head, and blue eyes, and on its forehead was a cubit-long horn colored red at the pointed tip, black in the middle, and white at the base.”

For centuries, Unicorns have been woven into the fabric of the culture in many parts of the world. According to “Unicorns Rule, A Website For Unicorn Lovers”, Unicorns can be found in Chinese, Turkish and Medieval legends.

Many notable people throughout history have claimed to have seen a Unicorn. According to unicorn crystalinks Alleged Unicorn Sightings, the following people have seen a unicorn: Adam Garden of Eden Beginning of time, Emperor Fu Hsi China 5,000 years ago, Emperor Huang Di Emperor’s garden in China 2697 B.C, Emperor Yao China About 2,000 B.C, Confucius China 551-479 B.C Ctesias India 4th century B.C, Alexander the Great Asia 3rd century B.C., Julius Caesar Germany 1st century B.C., Prester John Asia Mid- I I00s , Genghis Khan India Early 1200s

No matter who describes it or whether it looks like a horse, donkey, rhino or some other beast, the horn of the Unicorn is always imbued with magical healing, protective and restorative powers. It has been said that a Unicorn horn can purify poison, that possession of a Unicorn horn ensures long life and that a unicorn horn can heal and restore a person’s health.

The Unicorn is real, On March 29, 2016, CNN reported that a Unicorn fossil was found in Siberia and that Unicorns lived up until about 30,000 years ago. Sadly, the majestic beast only slightly resembles our romanticized version of the fairy tale unicorn. Nevertheless, it is a Unicorn. According to the artists’ renditions, it looks like a woolly rhinoceros. It had haunches like a horse and a very large horn growing straight out of the center of its head.

Unicorns are so embedded in our culture that they exist in the minds of many. Whether you believe in Unicorns or not, a belief in the fanciful can improve one’s imagination and creativity. It is okay to let go of reality from time to time and just for a few moments, enjoy the notion of a Utopian existence.

When I am stressed, I repeat rainbows and unicorns quietly to myself a few times. It really does lower my blood pressure. On second thought, I am sure that I believe in Unicorns.

Please take a few minutes to remind the young people that they should never become too grown to enjoy a bit of childlike fantasy. Remind them not to grow up to fast; it takes 20 years too become grown but grown lasts forever.

Images: Upper left is the image from the CNN News report, it is the artist rendition of what the found Unicorn looks like.
Upper right  a medieval style Unicorn
Bottom today’s Unicorn