The Two Kings

Here is a short story by my grandson Makai.


Two Kings

created by: Makai Goodwin

Once upon a time ,there were two Kings. Marshall, who was the King in the village of Mercy and King Joel, who was the King in the village of Sandy Shores.

King Marshall and King Joel were always fighting. One day, they were having a giant argument… “I’m going to kill you!” Marshall yelled.”When did I ever do any thing to you?!” Joel yelled back. You killed my soldiers answered Marshall. That.s because you killed my Queen. Yelled Joel.

King Marshall’s village was a mess, there were wounded and dead soldiers everywhere, the cow, were in the mote and the chickens were on top of the castle. In King Joel’s village, the women were hiding under a hay stack and the goats were in the pig pen.

At the end of the argument, no one had really won,. “Darn it try again.” “I am going to beat you one of these days King Joel!” Marshall shouted as he waved is fists and stomped away.

The next day, King Marshall tried to strike again and again he lost. Because, King Joel had air support and blew up King Marshall’s Kingdom with missiles. King Marshall said “This has to be a nightmare, this can’t be happening!!!

Five years later…. King Marshall, apologized to King Joel He said, I’m sorry,that I tried to attack you before.

I accept your apology King Marshall said King Joel. Do you want to live with me said King Joel. Sure said King Marshall.


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