Journals, Radios and Blogs

Mildred Gaddis is a radio talk show host in Detroit Michigan. The show covers politics and local issues. It also has segments on finance, hair care, relationships and more.

What I most admire about Mildred Gaddis, is that she rarely misses an opportunity to enlighten her listeners. Today, in her usual fashion of frank honesty, Mildred Gaddis took her listeners to school again. A caller was venting about the portrayal of Detroit’s comeback. He also complained about the local news media, and suggested that it did not practice fair and unbiased reporting concerning recent events in Detroit.

Her response to the caller was both education and a call to action. In essence, she told him that independent journalism was the most effective way to build a platform that would allow him to voice his opinions and concerns in a serious manner. The caller was encouraged and inspired. The timing of the conversation could not have been more relevant for me.

Some say, that if you let your desires be known, doors will open. This morning, my journal entry was, on my desire to write. However, I have allowed other things to take priority over my blog, which is called My Village Project.

Thanks to Mildred Gaddis and the caller who did not realize his own power. This is my first entry on My Village Project in several months. We all have the ability to make change happen. Exercise your ability to make Detroit a better place to live.


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