What is Ethnicity and who has it.

Race is a common factor in ethnicity, but it is not the determinant factor.  Ethnicity is more local, or specific than race.

Ethnicity is described as a group of people who share a common culture, and language.

Culture is defined as a group of people who share a common value system, common beliefs, and shared concerns.  This definition can be expanded to include common history or common experience.

That was my first blog entry.  It was less than 100 words long.  This week I had a thought on race and ethnicity again.

It has been suggested that  African American is not an ethnicity but, why not?  Why is it that African Americans who are descendants of the slave era are not considered an ethnicity?

According to the definition, we fit the criteria.

Language:  English,  Hood, Slang, and Rap Lingo.

Religion:   Hallelujah, Rock The House, AME Missionary Baptist, C.O.G.I.C., The Black Church Experience is unique to    the African American Culture.

Soul Food: Uniquely African American

History: Ancestry, lines back to American slavery.

The reason that we are not considered an ethnicity is the lack of Unity.  More specifically the lack of advocacy.  Do we have someone watching the media for ethnically disparaging portrayals?  What about some of the images in commercials.  I have noticed lately that when a non black person is promoting a product  to the black community on  TV, they yell.  H&R Block “GET YO BILLIONS BACK”  The Hump day Camel,  Mr Alan’s. Even the Car Companies yell.  They yell because African Americans are considered as loud talkers.

African Americans don’t want to be the loudest thing in the room.  But when you work in loud environments, spend a great deal of time in crowded places, or have family who have lost hearing due to factory work, you talk loud.

When you address someone in  a room of people and you get no response, like you are not standing there, You use the  loud EXCUSE ME. When you are the smallest thing in the house and you are left in charge, you learn to be loud.

Getting back to my point.  we are viewed and portrayed as loud, ignorant, ghetto, etc. Basically, we are viewed as unsophisticated, uncultured, and unable to fit in.

Al Sharpton is the closest thing to an advocate that I can think of.  He can not see all, be all, and do all. We must do for ourselves.  Lets start speaking up and speaking out about the portrayals and representations of African Americans in media.  Lets start speaking up and speaking out against the lyrics in the popular music that is being directed at out children.     Write letters station managers, network presidents, and  product promoters. Write to your local radio personalities, to  make your specific complaint known.   Protest in me you see a negative image, portrayal or representation of African Americans.

Remember, there is a reason why you don’t see Amos and Andy on TV anymore.  I find it difficult to watch reruns of Good Times and other shows of that era.

Lets be our own advocates, if enough people speak out and speak up, they will have to listen.


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