During my exploration into limiting beliefs and changing mindsets to change behavior, I learned that many of my current behaviors and attitudes are a direct result of influences from my early life.  So I thought if people and incidents in my early life can influence my behavior over fifty years later, than influence in itself is a pretty big deal.

Allow me to share a couple of stories with you to demonstrate the importance of influence. Whether it is positive or negative influence has a real immediate and  long term impact on our lives. Influence can determine not only how we a behave or respond, but it can also determine how others behave toward you or respond to you.

There was an important speech in the movie “Fists Of Fury”, the fighting champion; decided to make his own martial arts sports league. Like a good leader, he sought out people who respected him and would support his vision. During the initial training sessions this is what he told his recruits.

We influence others by working together The foreigners have bullied us long enough. It is time that we stand up for ourselves. Why do foreigners look down on us? Because we are not UNITED! For years we fought – Chinese against Chinese

That is why the West bullies us weak men of the East. What an insult! Some of us don’t even realize how sick this country is.

This is the Jin We Sports Federation Motto learn it live it:  Body mind soul- by working together, we can better ourselves and stand strong as one nation. We influence others through cooperation, not intimidation. Through this ideal we will always stand strong

Our young people are always looking for guidance. Although they may not ask directly, they take their ques from the people whom they respect. We influence them and others by our actions attitudes and even by our appearance.

One day, while I was attending a daytime community event, I saw a gentleman, who was about 30 years old. He was not particularly handsome but he was dressed like he could have been the president of the community empowerment organization that hosted the event that day.

Naturally, I introduced myself and asked him what  his role was at the event.  His answer was “I am just attending,  I am a barbecue chef.” I complimented him on his attire and we chatted a minute or two longer.  He could have stepped into a black tie dinner and no one would have questioned his presence. He had on a blue pin striped shirt, with a white button down collar and white french cuffs. He wore a tie with tie clip and very large gemstone cuff links.  His slacks were simple, black or blue and the shoes were in perfect shape.

The fact is that he got my attention, and the attention of many other people at the event. He influenced us to approach him or at least acknowledge his presence, by his attire.

The truth is that we influence people everyday. The people who we encounter in our daily lives make instant judgments about who we are or who they expect that we are.  They use cues from our physical appearance, attire, attitude  and behavior to sum up whether we are good or bad, approachable or not. They even make judgments about whether we will be a good customer or a good fit in a new job environment.

Bringing the though close to home,  the young people in our lives take cues from us everyday, are you the one who quietly asks to speak to the manager or are you the one who yells at the part time minimum wage clerk to have a problem resolved.

Are you the one who yells down the block to have a full conversation, or are you the one who walks up the street to talk to your neighbor, when it comes to more than a simple hello neighbor.

Do you berate your significant other in front of everyone? Do you talk about people in your circle when they are not there.

Do you steal from the store or take undo advantage of a situation? Are you a “ganger” or “baller” a thief or a saint.

Who ever you are, what ever you do, remember that someone is always watching you. Children learn what they live, be careful what they see you do. and Always be a good influence.

Influence is not always a matter of behavior or action, we never know what influence we have on another person, especially a young person who is looking for examples in life.

Please take a moment to talk to the youth in your “village’ about the power of influence and how their own actions attitudes and appearance influence others actions and reactions.

This influence can be as subtle as believing that a person is suspicious to believing that a person is a mortal threat.

It Takes a Village to Raise A Child. This is My Village Project.

Take Care of Your Village

The Village Mother


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