Influence. From Fists of Fury

In the movie Fists Of Fury, the fighting champion; decided to make his own league, in the official martial arts sport.

Like a good leader, he sought out people who respected him and would support his vision.

During the initial training sessions this is what he told them.

We influence others by working together

The foreigners have bullied us long enough. It is time that we stand up for ourselves.

Why do foreigners look down on us?

Because we are not UNITED!

For years we fought – Chinese against Chinese

That is why the West bullies us weak men of the East.

What an insult!

Some of us don’t even realize how sick this country is.

This is the Jin We Sports Federation Motto learn it live it.

Body mind soul- By working together, we can better ourselves and stand strong as one nation.

We influence others through cooperation, not intimidation.

Through this ideal we will always stand strong

We also influence others by our actions attitudes and even our appearance.

Please take a moment to talk to the youth in your “village’ about the power of influence

and how their own actions attitudes and appearance influence others. This influence can

be as subtle as believing that a person is suspicious to believing that a person is a

danger in other ways.
It Takes a Village to Raise A Child. This is My Village Project.

Take Care of Your Village

The Village Mother


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