How Would You Respond

confused and outraged

I was out running errands. When, while I was at a traffic light, the car next to me was booming, what the occupants thought was, pretty great music,

They were bobbing their heads, waiving their arms and singing along.They were totally into this song.

The lyrics went, “ I will ________ that ________ I will __________ that ____________ I will ride it all night long.”

Later in the same week. I overheard the car radio of a neighbor’s visitor. The lyrics said “if you suck my__________ you can be my girl friend.” It also said some things I cant repeat here.

So my question is. Young man, blasting that music for all the world to hear—;

How would you respond if some man on the street told your 14 year old daughter come suck my________?

How would you respond if some 50 year old man told you he was just waiting for your sister to turn 17 so he could ______ that __________.

How would you respond if some jerk with his pants hanging down, invited him self to engage in any of the above with your grandmother.

Now that I have your attention, let me remind you, THERE ARE CHILDREN LISTENING!!!!

I am asking politely, for all of you who enjoy that type of music, to please listen to it in the confines and privacy of your own home.

Please be courteous and considerate of other peoples, sensibilities. Please, please, please stop playing that music in the presence of your children and mine.

Many cities have public profanity laws.this is public profanity.

Please Stop

It takes a village to raise a child, this is My Village Projedt

Take care of your village

The Village Mother


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