Watch Out For The Boogie Man

green boogie man

Watch out for the boogie man

There was a time in the United States when a black man of any age feared, “the white man.” He knew who the enemy was.

That is no longer true, the enemy has put on the face of the establishment, the courts, and the criminal justice system.

It is now possible for a black man to be sentenced to 30 years in prison, for a crime that does not involve drugs, rape or murder.

The fact that you can’t identify the enemy should be your greatest fear.

It is my goal, objective and desire to see you grow up without any interactions with the police.

If you do have an interaction with the police I hope and pray that it is nothing more than a simple traffic violation and that it all turns out well.

I won’t get into any big giant discussions about the prison industrial complex, or the school to prison pipeline.

I won’t tell you that there are over 12 million black men in jail and prison right now. I won’t tell you that more black men go to prison than go to college.

I won’t tell you that once you are in the criminal justice system that it is a tough road to get back into the good graces of society.

What I will tell you is that if you use the information that has been presented to you, and make wise choices.

If you go to school and get a solid education. If you have an honest job, or business venture and do an honest days work.

If you are a good citizen, causing harm to no one. If you don’t rob, steal or kill.

If you don’t rape beat, stab or shoot. If you don’t extort, coerce, or offend.

Then it is likely that you will grow up to be a successful adult, marry, have children and grand children.

You will have money in the bank. You will live a happy and peaceable life.

That is my hope and wish for all young people. Especially our Black Youth.

This is one of the topics that I discussed with my youth group. It sets the stage for them to be aware of the unseen dangers. It also encourages them to be responsible for their own actions. I hope that this message can be of value to the young people in your life.

My point, let your young people know about the challenges of living in an urban community.

Make them understand that they are usually perceived as a threat. ; this perception could lead to snap decisions by people whom they encounter.

Explain to them that they should never appear to be aggressive, even when defending their actions.

It takes a village to raise a child, this is My Village Project

Take Care of Your Village

The Village Mother


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