Wealth VS Class

Wealth Vs Class                                    



We often associate wealth with class. We think that because a person is wealthy they already have class.


I was listening to a sociology lecture, and the professor was discussing class-ism.


She pointed out that the people who are in a better position, (upper class) seek to separate themselves from the people who are not as well off by using their status markers.


Some of these status markers are High culture, like the opera, ballet, and classical music. 22 piece place settings for dinner., expensive clothing and automobiles, private schools and colleges and excellent manners, and etiquette.


During the lecture, I realized that the people who are not wealthy try to obtain those same status markers, believing, that the status markers alone will give them entry into the upper class.


The problem with this line of thought is that money does not equal class.


Money is a measure of how much stuff you can by, how much money you have in the bank, or how big a house you can afford. These things represent wealth, not class.


Class is a product of training, the people from the “upper classes” train their children in the ways of the upper class.


They start early and train long. They teach by example and by instruction and critique.

They make references like we don’t behave like that, or they say, you are acting in a manner beneath your station.


I am not suggesting that we should try to be “boogie” or anything like that but we can afford to class our kids up no matter how poor or otherwise challenged we are.


First, lets try some basic manners, and old fashioned home training. Take off your hat in the house. Don’t walk around with your underwear showing. Wear underwear. Lower your voice, don’t interrupt. Don’t cuss, etc. etc.


Then we can encourage good etiquette, proper speaking skills and then the high culture items.


If we do this then our young people will have the class that they need when they get to that station in life.


It is not about the suit the man has on, it is about the man in the suit. Let us teach our children well.


It Takes a Village to Raise A Child. This is My Village Project.


Take Care of Your Village


The Village Mother



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