Self Control Civility And Respect


Self Control Civility and Respect

Recently a government report stated that black preschool youth are expelled more often than non black youth. It was a topic on a talk show and an educator who called in stated that the youth lacked self control.


As I stated in my Self Control Article,the children are over stimulated.  We should practice having our young people sit still and quiet for a period of time each day.


I also discussed the need for emotional intelligence. I  encourage all  of us to use our emotional intelligence to be good role models for our youth.


Self control is also important when we show our youth how to display civility and respect.


Civility and respect means to use basic common courtesy. That includes the use of  the magic phrases please, thank you, excuse me, and I’m sorry.


Civility and respect requires us to be kind, patient and considerate.


Remind our young people to Remember the 10 Commandments and use the Golden Rule.

This blog  is a mentoring aid,  each post is a lesson. 

Knowledge is everywhere. Learn all that you can.  Use all that you learn. Community is the key.  Become a part of  your community. Encourage the young people to do the same.

Auntie Starshine, Influencer,                                                                                                              Use your influence for good.


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