Self Control in Conflicts


Self Control In Conflicts

Recently a government report stated that black preschool youth are expelled more often than non black youth. It was a topic on a talk show and an educator who called in stated that the youth lacked self control.


As I stated in my Self Control Article, I believe the kids are over stimulated and I suggested that we practice having our young people sit still and quiet for a period of time each day.


Self control is also necessary when it comes to disagreements between children.


When you are 2, it might be alright to throw a tantrum, but when you are 4 and 5 this behavior should not be tolerated.


We can begin to give our young people the skills that they need to deal with conflict; even at this early age. The science of these skills is called, Emotional Intelligence.


We first have to make sure that we ourselves use our Emotional Intelligence skills when we interact with our youth.


Have you seen the parent at the mall or grocery store who is interacting with her child as though he were an adult? They yell, swear, and ask the child what is wrong with you??!!


The child’s problem is the parent and how they interact with them.


Children learn what they live. You have to be patient and tolerant when dealing with a young person who may not yet be able to express their needs or desires in an intelligent manner.


When your child is in a melt down or biting another child, keep your cool and have your child tell you in as plain a manner as he can what is wrong. Did Tommy bite you or hit you? Did he take something from you?


Remember, children emulate what they see in their lives. Be a good role model and show good emotional intelligence.



Children Learn what they live Dorthy Law Nolte


If children live with criticism, they learn to condemn


If children live with hostility they learn to fight


If children live with fear they learn to be apprehensive


If children live with pity they lean to feel sorry for themselves


If children live with ridicule they learn to feel shy


If children live with jealousy they learn to feel envy


If children live with shame, they learn to feel guilty


If children live with encouragement they learn confidence


If children live with tolerance they learn patience


If children live with praise they learn appreciation


If children live with acceptance they learn to love


If children live with approval they learn to like themselves


If children live with recognition they learn it is good to have a goal


If children live with sharing they learn generosity


If children live with honesty they learn truthfulness


If children live with fairness they learn justice


If children live with kindness and consideration they learn respect


If children live with security they learn to have faith in themselves and in those around them


If children live with friendliness they learn that the world is a nice place to live in.


It takes a village to raise a child, this is My Village Project

Take care of your village

The Village Mother


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