Self Control





Self Control


Recently a government report stated that black youth are expelled from preschool 3 times more often than non black students.


A talk show picked up the story and the question was raised as to what could be causing this disparity.


One of the callers was an educator, she said that in her experience, teachers are as lenient as can be with the young students.


She went on and talked about some of the incidents that she was aware of, the bottom line for this educator was that the young black children lack self control.


Her comments were kind of one sided, she blamed it on lack of parenting, missing fathers, drugs, alcohol and even poverty and inherent anger.


I don’t understand how poverty can keep you from being raised like a person with common sense, self control, civility and respect.


But I believe that she was speaking from a place of truth, in the fact the the children do seem to lack self control.


When I was growing up, if you were a regular at Sunday School, you knew how to sit still by the time you were three.


If you did not sit still in Sunday School, you had to sit still on the couch for a whole hour, while the other kids got to play.


I believe that the children are so antsy now, because they are over stimulated. We put them in front of the TV, baby chair and all, as soon as we get them home from the hospital.


Did you know that TV projects images at 60 frames per second?


We expose them to the same kind of music that we use to get a good rhythm for our workouts and housework.


Did you know that up tempo music is about 120 to 160 beats per minute?


My grand daughter,who is eight, will put on her headphones, play a game, and watch TV all at the same time. Even though I think this is insane, she is accustomed to it and will defend her actions, if I tell her to reduce her interfaces.


Okay so here is the solution, practice having your young people sit still and quiet for 1,5 or 10 minutes at a time. This may sound cruel but it does build character and patience.


The house will be quieter too.


It takes a village to raise a child, this is My Village Project

Take Care of your village

The Village Mother



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