Let it go


Let it Go

Controlling our emotions.


An emotion is any feeling, that can evoke a physiological response. We smile when we are happy, cry when we are sad and yell when we are angry. Emotions make up our character.


Emotions exist over a wide range of feelings, they are like earthquakes, you can have a little a little tremor that barely gets your attention or a 6.0 with rage.


Our emotions are, Happiness, Sadness Love, Hate Fear, Anger, Jealousy, Contempt, Surprise and disgust.


Emotions are intrinsically tied to the events in our lives. You know infatuation and then love. Happiness and Elation


Sometimes our emotions team up and create a super emotion, that stomp around in our heads, like Godzilla or the Hulk.


When our emotions take over- for a few brief moments, we are powerless to control our thoughts and actions. That is where we get the terms; a fit of anger, a jealous rage, a crime of passion.


But in a nano-second our brain takes control and brings us back to reality.


In some people, the brain gets stuck in a loop, they are always angry, always sad or always some other emotion. Either way being stuck is not good in the long run.


If we don’t control our emotions they will behave like a child having a temper tantrum. They will run out of control and render us helpless to take control of the situation.


Since our emotions are a part of us, and therefore under our control, we can tell them to behave and they have to obey. Here are a couple of emotion discipline exercises.


When your emotions start acting like a two year old, put them in their place.

Pull together your best mother voice,

put your hand on your hip,

picture that little emotion at knee height,

and tell it to behave.

Point your finger, give it the “look”

and send it to the corner.


If your emotions are quieter than a two year old child, but still misbehaving

write down on a piece of paper, every little thing that is bothering you.

The issue can be 10 20 years ago, if you still think about it daily, you have not let it go.

Tear the paper up into little bitty bits.

Hold the scraps of paper in your hand

and tell them I release you from life

I have acknowledged you now I let you go.

Throw that paper in the trash and walk away.

Repeat these exercises as often as needed.


It takes a Village to raise a child, this is My Village Project

Take care of your village

the village mother


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