Stranger Danger




When was the last time you had a Stranger Danger conversation with the young people in your life?

Here is a reminder.


CTV Toronto Marlene Leung, Published Wednesday, March 20, 2013 10:13PM EDT

A 10-year-old girl thwarted an abduction attempt after asking a stranger for a code word that he did not know.

Durham police say a man approached the girl outside Apple croft Public School in Ajax, east of Toronto, on Monday around 3:30 pm.

The man attempted to lure the girl into his vehicle, which was parked in the school parking lot, police said. A female was in the vehicle at the time.

The man told the girl her parents had sent him to pick her up.

Det.. Dave Mason told CTV Toronto that the girl and her parents shared a secret code word that would be used if someone approached her telling her they were there to pick her up.

If the person was truly sent by her parents, he or she would know the code word.

“She asked this person what the code word was and obviously they got it wrong,” Mason said. “She told them ‘You got the code word wrong’ and that person left.”

As the two suspects left in the car, the girl even managed to memorize a few of the license plate numbers and what the suspects and the car looked like. When she returned home she told her parents, who notified police.

Mason said the case serves as a reminder to parents of the importance of talking with their children about personal safety.

“I think it’s important to have some sort of safety plan in place and to have that discussion with your kids,” he said.

Here are some more tips to keep your family safe.

tell children that if a stranger tries to talk to them, they should simply run away to find the nearest adult.

Children should also be taught that if they feel they’re being watched to find an adult and tell them.

Ensure that children always have someone around them they trust.

“Children really shouldn’t be alone. If they are going to and from school, they should be accompanied with other children,” he says.

If they are latchkey kids, they should have a rule that when they get home, they must phone one of their parents at work to check in,

Older kids who have cellphones should be checking in with their parents when they get home as well.

Teach your child to shout, “You’re not my mother!” or “You’re not my father!” if someone tries to take them away

Teach your child to say “No!” firmly. Practice shouting it with them

Teach them to go to a sales clerk if they’re separated from you in a store

Teach them to never invite strangers into the house or answer the door when alone

As soon as they’re old enough, teach them their address, phone number and parents’ names

As soon as they are old enough, teach them how to dial 911


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