View the DAAS Choir Performing Happy


That young man in the lead is 10 year old Sam, a student at Detroit Academy of Arts and Sciences.

This talented group of students attend the Detroit Academy of Arts and Sciences. They are the DAAS Choir. DAAS is a public school founded by Rev. Jim Holley and managed by on-site CEO Maurice Morton. 

The Choir has approximately 40 kids. They have an opportunity to take their show on the road and perform at Disney. But you know how much something like that costs. 40+ kids and chaperones. The cost is probably close to $12,000.00

If you have ever had a child in band or cheer leading, you know that the cost of getting there is on you.

If you have ever been a part of an opportunity like that, you know how excited the kids must be.

If you have ever attended DAAS, you know the kind of opportunity that this trip represents.

Mentoring is more than teaching and telling. A big part of mentoring is to support the efforts of the child.

These kids have enormous talent, they are being trained to become professionals, no matter what field the go into.

I hope that you all will give these kids a big round of applause and a little hand.

Don’t be shy $5.00 or $10.00 goes a long way, when you have 1000 people all doing the same.

You can send donations to:

DAAS 2985 E Jefferson Detroit, MI 48207. The phone number is 313 259 1744


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