The Role of Grandparents And Other Folks


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I was out at an appointment the other day and the conversation turned to the behavior of a young lady on a  video. Another client and I both said at the same time.  That is something your grandmother teaches you, before you get out there and make a fool of yourself.

I shared with you before, that my grandfather would call us out to the yard every time he tended his garden and fruit trees.  I learned a lot just hanging out and passing him the shovel.

My Grandfather understood that it was the job of the grandparent to teach the children beyond the everyday.  My parents did a great job of teaching us respect, responsibility and civility. But my grandparents shared wisdom that it took them 60 years to accumulate.

I believe that grandparents have a role in raising the village.  It is the role of the grandparents to impart knowledge and wisdom that the parent don’t usually address in the day to day interactions with their children.

So to all grandparents, big mamas, and poppas, to all aunties, uncles,  godmothers and play mothers.  Let’s take on the role that was intended for us.

It is our job to help raise these children in the right way.  If you are in church, take them with you.  If you do lunches and teas, have them set the table, host and serve.  Hobbies, crafts, music and other skills can all be shared to enrich and encourage our young people to be the best that they can be.  What ever it is that you do that can be shared with a young person in your life, please do that.  This week my young people will be learning how to sew on a button, every little bit helps.


It takes a village to raise a child, this is My Village Project

Take Care Of Your Village

The Village Mother




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