The N Word


The NFL is planning to fine players who use the N word and other derision’s, during games and interviews.


Here is my opinion on the use of the N word. I do not like the N word because it is cruel, crass, and vulgar. It is in the league of F-bomb and other expletives.


Now consider it’s historical connotation’s, the N word should not be used.


I am not sure that fining NFL team members for using the N word is going to have any impact on society as whole.


The way to do away with the N word forever is to STOP using, don’t use it as a term of endearment or as slang. Don’t use it out of anger, spite or jealousy. Just don’t use it.


If everyone stopped using the word, in public and in private…

If everyone stopped using the word in movies and music…

If everyone stopped using the word no matter what the circumstances,

The N word would die.


It would die in two or three generations.


When the Africans were kidnapped and enslaved. A lot of cultural information was lost. It was lost because, cultural identity was stripped away and parents were separated from children. The information could not pass from one generation to the next.


If bondage could eliminate culture across 4 million people in 400 years; we can eliminate one little word in a couple of generations.


I know we buried that word a few years back but it is still haunting us.


Just don’t use it.



It takes a village to raise a child, this is My Village Project


Take care of your village


The Village Mother


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