The Mighty Angelo Henderson


ImageI did not know him personally, but I truly feel the loss of a friend.


When the TV News said, Angelo Henderson passed away, My thoughts were; what happened he was a young man, he was tall and muscular. He didn’t appear to have any of the vices that tend to shorten your life. So How did this just over 50 year old man die.

He died of natural causes in his Metro Detroit home.

Who was Angelo Henderson and why am I so moved by his passing?


Angelo Henderson was a local Radio, talk show host. He was an associate minister in a pretty well known church. He was a community activist, He and 2 other activist founded THE DETROIT 300, a grass roots community crime fighting organization. They formed block clubs, and neighborhood watches. When crime visited our vulnerable, Angelo and the team went into the neighborhood, knocked on doors and asked questions. If opportunistic crime was high in a certain area, Angelo and the team would patrol that area for a while.


He was a friend to all, he was kind and likable. Strong but humble. Oh by the way he was a pulitzer prize winning Journalist. His efforts to make Detroit a better place to live will be missed.


I hope that there are some civic minded people out there who can only begin to walk in the path that he blazed for Detroit.





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