Whats Wrong With The Bieb?

The Problem with Justin Bieber


When I heard the news say that Justin Bieber was in trouble again, I thought; “He has been in the news for a long time, what is going on with that kid?”


Just then the TV newscaster said , 19 year old Justin Bieber was arrested for drag racing.


Bingo, there is my answer! He is only 19.!!


The problem with JB  is that he is immature. Even worse, he is immature with almost unlimited cash and just as much time at his disposal.


JB has been living like a rock star for at least 4 years now. I never hear one word about his parents or any other adult in his life. It appears that he has no positive adult influence in his life.


I realize that at 19 he is technically grown, but as parents we still have to offer the voice of reason.


Justin has a new social condition, it is called lack of discipline. It is worse than affluenza.


When he should have been learning how to behave himself he was out performing.


There is nothing wrong with that, many young people have been performers, some have grown up gracefully and some have struggled. Some did not survive the fight.


To the Parents, and adults who truly love the Bieb, talk to him coach him, help him get out of this whirlwind of destruction that he seems to have created for himself; and while you’re at it, he may want to change his circle of friends.


It would be tragic to see him come to the same end as the other young stars that we have lost in the last few years.


I hope someone can reach him.



It takes a village to raise a child, this is My Village Project


Take care of your village


The Village Mother


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