What I Did On MLK Day


What I did on MLK Day

Yesterday was Martin Luther King day,.

MLK day is the official observance of his birth date

(January 15, 1929)

To honor his memory and to continue the efforts to improve the state and status of the black community, I made an hour long presentation for my grandchildren.

I did a short Kwanzaa observance and discussed the significance of Kwanzaa. Followed by a history on the songs Lift Every Voice, and Happy Birthday To Ya by Stevie Wonder.

I told them that there is so much that they don’t know and there are people out there who hope they never know. Black history has been diluted or eliminated in the public school system.

The struggle for civil rights, equal justice and human dignity did not start with Rosa Parks. It started with the first slave who tried to run away and it continued throughout the years, with slave revolts, the UNDERGOUND RAILROAD and the ABOLISHONIST MOVEMENT. It continued with Rosa Parks and all that came after that incident and we are still in the struggle today.

I intended to close the presentation with the Speech, I have a dream, but it seems like they had that pretty well memorized.

If you did not have a conversation with the young people in your life, please take a minute to do so this weekend. You can click here  to  view what I shared with them.

When we get together next month, we will review, James Weldon Johnson and Booker T Washington

It takes a village to raise a child, this is my village project.

Take care of you village.

The Village Mother


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