The whole world acknowledges the Lord Jesus Christ


The anticipation and joy of Santa Clause.


The coming of age point when you can bring your “friend” to the family gathering.


The stress of gathering all of the requested items


The pleasure of watching the children’s excitement.


Fond memories of holidays past


The bitter sweet moment because of lost loved ones.



This Christmas I will be hanging out with my family.  I am blessed to have a pretty cool family. 

We all get together, the kids under 10 each get a small gift from every adult in the family.

We eat an informal everybody bring a dish type meal and watch a movie.

We will all be back to our respective homes by 9:00pm


What ever Christmas means to you, no matter how to choose to celebrate it. Make sure that you share some wisdom with the young people in your life.


You can make an activity of it.


Have all the adults get together and write a pearl of wisdom on a piece of paper. Ball the papers up and toss them all in a gift bag.


Have the young people who can read each draw out a pearl of wisdom and read it out loud to the group.


To add competition see who can remember the most pearls. This is a quick fun way to teach a young person something they need to know.



Merry Christmas



It Takes a Village to Raise A Child. This is My Village Project. Take Care of Your Village


The Village Mother


Please Comment, I need the feedback

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