Infinite,Limited, Precise.Indefinite.


Fast as lightning, Slow as a snail


Stops in an instant, Then stands still.


Dragging on forever, Rushing right on by


You can’t catch it, Go ahead and try.


They say you can save it they say: Don’t waste it.


Some try to Savor it, Some try to change it.


But— You can’t catch it, Go ahead and try.


Big as space, small as sand.


Some try to hold it in their hand.


It slips from their grasp, flows like water.


You can’t catch it Don’t even bother.




Pamela Moultrie



What would life be like if the weekend sports game didn’t start at exactly 4:07 every Saturday ?


Could the box office make millions every weekend if no one knew what movie was showing or what time?


Time is amazing, it seems to do what it wants. When you have a deadline, time moves like lightning. When you are anxiously awaiting a special occasion it moves like a snail.


We’ve all seen it stop in an instant and then stand still.


Respecting time is one of the topics in the My Village Project Program. Learning to respect time is part of growing up.


When a child is young, the parents are responsible for their punctuality. But, a teenager, gets himself to high school, work and other places.


Time controls us, we don’t control it. A friend of mine always says. ” To be on time, you have to be before time.”


Teaching our young people to respect time is just as important as teaching them to respect people and money.


Take a moment, have a discussion about time with a young person in your life.

It Takes a Village Raise A Child. This is My Village Project


Take Care of Your Village


The Village Mother





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