How Do You Eat An Elephant

Today, I accomplished a task that I have been putting off all summer long. 

There is a room in my home, that does triple and quadruple duty. as a storage space, kids play room, office,  and candle work room.

So you can imagine how awfully and how quickly it can get out of order

I got up early this morning and started the process, pick up kids toys, throw away scraps, bits and odd pieces of paper, etc. etc.

I decided to re instate, the candle work room, which had been dismantled to accommodate out of town company earlier this year.

After the third trip up and down the stairs, to collect the items that had been banished to the basement, . I called on my daughter who lives nearby. She enlisted the help of her room mate and as luck would have it my 2 sons and 2 grandsons stopped by. 

Did I mention that it was not quite 8:30 am ?  Anyway four more sets of hands.

The original plan was just to pull the stuff up from the basement and put it back where it came from.  But with all that help I could not resist the  urge to follow through on an earlier plan to move the stuff to my daughters empty basement and make that my work room.

They marched  back and forth,  up and down the block like an arm of ants.  One hour and 2 or 3 dozen trips later, they had achieved what would have taken me 3 or 4 days of piece by piece trips to accomplish. Now my candle workshop has a proper home and I have an office. At 9:00 a.m., Monday Morning, STARSHINE Candle and Fragrance will be back in business.  

I could not have accomplished that task  in one hour without 6 extra sets of hands.  Thank You Children. In my program My Village Project, there is a section that deals with cooperation. 

So how do you eat an elephant?  Little by little and bit by bit, or with a whole lot of help.



It Takes a Village Raise A Child and This is My Village Project


Take Care of Your Village



The Village Mother










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