Room Mates




I was online the other day and saw some old train for sale. The name of the seller clearly indicated that this guy was selling items for up to $1000.00 from his moms basement.




Why does a grown man live in his mom’s basement? Why do 4 senior citizen ladies all live together? What about Joey and Chandler, or Laverne and Shirley? Monica and Rachel? Lenny and Squiggy? There are many reasons why people use the room mate plan.




Having a room mate cuts your living expenses by almost half. Almost, their are some things that you will not share. By cutting your living expenses, you have more cash available to save and invest. There is a section on cutting expenses in The My Village Project Program.




I also encourage the youth in my life to stay at home as long as possible. They can pay rent at home and save up some money.




The young people who don’t take my advice, usually rush out to get the things the just have to have. The big screen TV.   A sound system and video game console. The couch and the kitchen table don’t seem to be as important.




The thing that these young people don’t realize is that it probably took their parents years to acquire some of the things, they believe that they can’t live without.




Most of us remember when we first moved out of our parents home. I called all of the aunts, uncles, cousins and neighbors. I told them that I was accepting donations for my first place. They come through; like family always does.




The couch was brown and orange striped, it was made out of some kind of carpet fabric. The coffee table was a 1950’s model. I got two TV’s one worked one didn’t, I used the one that didn’t work as a TV stand for the one that did. You get the idea, everything was 20 years old and nothing matched.


I happily accepted it all and put it together the best I could.




When you get an opportunity, help a young person out, encourage him to stay at home as long as he can.




Tell him that when he leaves home, to accept all donations. Put it together the best he can and send the rest to the goodwill.




This move will save him or her a couple thousand dollars, and put them on a path to a more practical lifestyle. As time goes on, they will be able to acquire what they desire, and bless the next young person who is moving out his mom’s basement.




Be thankful for what you got and have a great day.













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