The Things We Take For Granted

I opened the fridge to get a glass of juice. I turned back to put the juice away. Oh no! Panic set in. The fridge was dark. Flip the lights, fuse okay. Open the door again, still dark. Push the little light button, but nothing happened. I close the door and whisper a silent prayer.  HMMMMM, just then the fan kicks in. Thank Goodness, it is only a blown bulb.


I never realized the importance of that little bulb in the back of the fridge. So I began to think, what other mundane things do we take for granted? Tissue in the bathroom? Soap in the closet?





What about the things that make our lives easier or more interesting?


Here are some things that we would all miss.









television since the 30’s Color TV cable TV since the 40’s VCR DVD MP3 electronic download







microwave they cost around $500 in 1967


The Car. The best development of all times. The keyed ignition you’ve seen the hand crank on old movies. Automatic transmission Everything was a stick shift.











Cell Phones





computers copy machines


the furnace, beats the fireplace or iron stove.


pre packaged food Jiffy mix shake N bake and hamburger helper, were the start of it all.


Vanilla Flavoring not widely available before 1900



Remember, it all started somewhere. We are thankful that it all exists. Let’s not take it all for granted.





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