Are You There Yet?

Two guys are in a car, the rider says to the driver,” where we going Joe?” Joe says, ” I don’t know Bob, but I’ll tell you when we get there.”

No matter what you are trying to accomplish, planning is key. Planning is not only for people who build big buildings. It is for everyone. We can’t get to our jobs without a plan of travel. Imagine trying to go to work if you don’t know what street the building is on.

Any achievement in life, starts with a vision. The vision is the goal. After the vision comes the plan.A plan is an organized approach to a is the comprehensive detailed lay out of the steps to take that will get you to the goal.

When I’m talking to my children about what it takes to succeed, I use Michael Jordan as an example. I don’t know if he set out to be one of the greatest basketball players of all time. But, I am sure that he at least had a plan to be the best player on the team. I believe that he made this plan early in his life.

I read somewhere, that the first time he tried to join the basketball team, he didn’t make the cut. So he went home and practiced, practiced, practiced. The goal was to make the team, the plan was to improve his play by practice. He took action; and look at the success. Pretty simple huh?

One of my supervisors used to say, “Proper Planning Prevents Poor Results” I believe that, but more importantly, Proper Planning Makes Greater Success. When we don’t have a goal, we don’t make a plan. So we don’t know when we get off track.  Even worse, we don’t know when we get to where we’re going.

A plan is only a plan until you put it into action. If you never act on your plan it will stay in the nice notebook that you bought especially to develop your plan. I know, I have many nice notebooks. You have heard people say, “I am about to do this or about to do that,” You rarely hear them say “I am doing this or working on that.” They are perpetual planners, afraid to act. They might fail, their vision isn’t worthy of action.

Then you meet people, who are working on 5 different things and they can tell you where they stand on each project. They are the get it done gang. They know the value of their goal. The importance of their action and the satisifaction of success.

Sometimes, no matter how you plan, no matter how hard you work, you can still experience setbacks. The get it done gang knows that setbacks happen. They know how to innovate, re- create and manipulate the plan. They keep on pushin. keep doing. They never lose sight of the goal. They go and go until it is done.

Dream your dream, Set your vision and goal, make your plan and take action. once you start, don’t stop. If you get sidetracked get back on the main track. Keep the goal in mind and go for it. Eventually you will be able to say SUCCESS!!!

It doesn’t matter what you are working on, all success starts with a goal and a plan. Get that nice notebook off the shelf, dust it off, and get back to work on that goal that you set aside. Perhaps, you’ll find your success.


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