Are you living life or letting life happen?


Sometimes we get so hung up in just surviving, that we forget how to live life. We don’t make any plans for the future. We don’t dream big, we don’t dream at all We don’t hope. We just get up in the morning, have our coffee and let life happen.

This is no way to live. The old saying goes, Plan like you will live forever and Live like you might die tomorrow.

So tell me, what plans do you currently have for 2014, I’m not talking resolutions and life improvement stuff. Real Plans, one thing that you intend to do no matter what.

Do you have a bucket list? A wish list? Do you have a list of any kind?

When was the last time you played outside with the kids, the neighbors kids, the nieces and nephews. Jump Rope, Hoola Hoop, Frozen tag with funny poses. MR FOX!!

When was the last time that you went anywhere on a whim? Even at $3.50 a Gallon you can still take a 1 tank car trip.

Do you hate that you never took that art class, music class, camping trip?

Wat is taking so long for you to shoot for that dream job?

I once told a friend that we have 5 or 6 lives in our lifetime. You are a child until 15, you are a teenager til 20, they call you a young adult until 25 and then you are expected to get serious about the business of life. Get a real job, buy a house, settle down, have kids. UUGH!! where is the fun in that? Then you become an ADULT a Senior Citizen, after all of that you become grandparents.

If you don’t have a plan you will wake up to a stiff back, achy knees, and glasses that you can’t do without. So get a pencil make a list. Plan something and live life to the fullest.

Use the comment box to share your list with us, you might inspire someone else.


Please Comment, I need the feedback

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