The Police Aren’t Doing Enough!


Here in Detroit, One of the morning D.J.’s makes, reads the daily crime report from the previous day.

He does this as a public service, so that we can be aware.

A very disturbing trend is emerging. First off, I think they got the pair of carjackers, that was out every weekend, jackin’ chargers, Magnums and 300’s, you don’t hear too much about them anymore.

Now back to my thought. The new trend appears to be random shooting,

  • a man walks into the market and shoots a young man in the middle of the aisle, turns and walks away like nothing happened.
  • A man is found shot to death and laying on the sidewalk on a major street
  • (3 separate incidents across all parts of town)
  • a man is shot at a red light ( at least 2 times each week)
  • a man is shot while walking down the street. The guy just walked up and shot him.

I could fill the page with stories like this. The sad fact is, that all of these incidents happened between 9/23/2013 and 9/25/2013. Someone help me understand what is going on!

We used to know what to do to remain safe. Don’t flash your money, don’t talk too much about what you have, stay out of places where you don’t have any business. Since when did being on the sidewalk become an invitation to be shot?

We don’t get many details with the daily crime report, and there is no follow up. So we don’t always find out what is random and what is drug, gang, revenge or domestic related.

It is insane to witness the callus disregard that these young people have for life. With the trend going like it is, we may not be able to prevent our youth from becoming victims. But we can make sure that they are not perpetrators. Pray for them all. This crime and violence that we are witnessing, is not a police problem, it is a citizenry problem.

Most of the young men represented above were between 18 and 25, the My Village Project Program, seeks to reach young men and young women before they get out of control, my emphasis is on young people between 8 and 15, when they are still largely under the influence of their parents and other positive, supportive adults.

I will be holding my first My Village Project meeting with about 8 young people on October, 18 2013. The starting point for conversation will be community, society and respect.

If you are interested in mentoring a group of young people In your area, I will give you a free set of talking points on community, society, respect and etiquette.

The talking points contain enough information for 2 to 3 meetings.

For your free set of talking points, email me at put talking points in the subject box.

It Takes a Village Raise A Child and This is My Village Project

Take Care of Your Village

The Village Mother


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