Free or Degree?




I am 50something  and  interested in  a lot of things.  I am a lifelong learner, however, I am not interested in going to college.

I have found several opportunities to increase my knowledge and expand my horizons using free courses online.  In the past I have  studied economics and  french and I even took a financial planning course.  I have taken a look at a general electrical course and I have been horrified by a trigonometry.

This year I have taken a life coach and counseling course and I am currently following a sociology course.  I think next time I will try psychology.

It’s all out there and it is totally free.   If you choose, you can find the books, that go with the course syllabus,  at one of the online used book dealers.

I know that I am a little weird.  Who studies just for fun?  but this is what I like, knowledge is free, you pay for a degree.

I found all of the coursed by searching free (enter subject here) class.

There is an initiative to increase access to education via the web, so a lot of the top colleges and universities post some of  their classes on line.  There are often links to the syllabus, lectures and power point presentations.

You can also find open course ware classes through OCW dedicated search engines.  So if you ever wanted to study Art history, music theory or physics, you cans satisfy your curiosity and learn all you want its free.  I love free, don’t you?



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