Playing the Race Card?

My Village Project

Here in Detroit, we get the Rev. Al Sharpton, National Action Network, radio show. Occasionally he will pose a question about race in America and open the topic for discussion.

One of the questions that he asked is how do you identify yourself, are you Negro,Colored, Black, Black in America, or African-American? Most of the callers considered themselves to be Black, or Black in America. The reasons, for their choice of self-identification, were many. But the general consensus was, that the politics of the day took away our African ties, we lost most of our heritage and lineage, which is what makes you part of a particular nationality or demographic. The Africans consider us American and the Americans consider us African, one song writer put it like this “American Fruit with Roots.

The next question he asked was “Should we teach our children Black History?” Most of the callers…

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