Why this Program should be in every Black household in America

My Village Project

What distinguishes man from the animals is, the influence that the society he lives in has on him.


The Issues

Disrespect Vulgarity

Poor Grooming And Dress

Lack of Direction

Drop Out Rate

Job Skills/Employment

Gun Violence

Drug Use

Pregnancy/ Sexual Activity

My vision

My personal vision, to positively impact the lives of over 100,000 Black youth in America. Particularly those who are between the ages of 8 and 15 years old. This out reach will run from January 1, 2014 and December 31, 2020

The impact will be measurable by improvement in the condition of Black Youth in America.

The control will be 2013 statistics for Black Youth in America regarding employment, violence, drug use and pregnancy as measured after December 30 2015. The measurements will be year end statistics for 2013 compared to 2015, 16, 17,18 19 and 20 as well as year end 2020 compared to 2012 and 2013 statistics.

This program puts an emphasis on personal responsibility, and self respect rounded out by cultural awareness, education in Black history, financial education, and literacy improvement.

My vision is for the Village Project to be more of a movement than an organization. I need mothers, fathers, and people with a mentoring heart to get this program and grab about a dozen kids from the neighborhood. Meet with them once a week for 2 years and see if we can’t turn around some of the statistics of the Black Community.

Education will be delivered through the program My Village Project, supported by the mentors lecture, and discussion. Other delivery methods include; relevant media material, subject based and activities, speeches and presentations by local figures and organizations and exposure to positive examples through media, personal appearances and cultural activities.

As a result of participating in this program, there should be an overall improvement in the character, values and behavior of our young people. This will be reflected in the measures as referenced above.

Mission: To positively impact the lives of Black Youth in America. To fill them with the essence of who they are, to fill their spirit with our history our culture and our vision.

Why This Program Should Be In Every Black Household In America

The history of Black People in America is such that even though we know that our ancestors were taken from the Continent of Africa, we don’t know what country, what region, what Village, what tribe.

This creates a disconnect between who we are and who others think that we are. Unlike the Latins, the Asians or Arab people we have been thoroughly displaced. We can’t look back and say my great grandparents came from x,y, or x for the opportunity or to find a better life.

We have no homeland, we have no history beyond that of our experience here in America. We have no unique culture, It is kind of like being adopted at birth or losing a parent at an early age, even though you are with a great family, something is still missing, you are essentially incomplete.

As Black people in America our history starts around the 1500’s, we came as slaves and indentured servants, then the laws were fashioned to make our elevation nearly impossible. As free Black People in America our history starts around 1863, again laws were fashioned to make our elevation nearly impossible.

As Free Black people in America with full rights and protection under the law our history starts around 1965. As a race of people or an ethnic group our history is being written daily, like toddlers, we stumble fall and get up again. Like children, we can now speak for ourselves and demand what we want, like teenagers we have learned to read and calculate. We have learned to stand up for ourselves and demand our rights. But like children we can be a little self centered.

We have not yet learned how to extend a hand and offer help to someone else who may be trying to find his way in this big wide world. Once we learn to use all of the resources that are now available to us and to reach back and pull up the next generation we will be able to elevate our status as a race or ethnic group as a group to be respected by ourselves and by others in America and around the world.

The laws have benefited us greatly, but it is a sad fact that racism and prejudice still exist amongst people in America today. As a Black person in America it is our duty and responsibility to make sure that we reach back and help someone else up. It is our job to elevate the next generation, to raise them up on our shoulders like we were raised up as children.

By reaching back and helping someone else we can elevate the entire race or ethnic group to new heights, we will be better educated, and better respected than previous generations, here and around the world.

Our struggle is almost 30 generations old, our success has come in small increments with setbacks along the way. Our full rights as Black People in America is only 4 or 5 generations old. I was born in 1960 I came at the tail end of the last struggle. I can remember some of the old and appreciate the new. But the people who were born in the 1980’s and 90’s have come at a time where the old it too far away and all they know is the new.

We as Black People in America should never let our history die. We need to remind the new generations of the real history of Back People in America, beyond Martin Luther King and Rosa Parks, no disrespect intended. We need to make sure that our children understand and appreciated the struggle as well as the progress that was made because of the struggle.

Former slaves is not our culture, it is only a part of our history, Culture is what you value what has been passed down to you from generation to generation, It’s our customs and traditions.

Right now in 2013 we are only 3 generations away from the civil-rights acts of the 60’s. The children born in the 1980’s and 90’s are now young adults and teens they are the first generation to be born into a mostly integrated America. They are able to take for granted the rights that others fought and died for.

If our new generations are not fully reminded of the struggle and sacrifices of the people who came before them, then slowly but surely the same rights that they take for granted today will be taken away again, and we will find ourselves as second class citizens, with limited rights and freedoms.

Truth be told, there is a segment of America, that would like to see the old ways return. They would like to keep us in our place. Our struggle is a war and our lives are at stake, the mission is full status as a Black Person in America, we are a race of people an Ethnic group with a lost ancestry on the Continent of Africa We are not a class of people.

It is the mission of this program  to unify Black People in America around a common culture and values.

The information in this program  is drawn from the values of many groups organizations and missions. It is designed to instill the necessary values for us to get a hold of our opportunities and to continue our progress.

Our “culture,” was originally disseminated through the Black Church, I would like for this program  to serve as a basis for our cultural foundation, the law says that you can’t be called an ethnic group if you don’t have a common homeland, language, and culture. I am here to say that Black People in America, UNIFIED BLACK AMERICANS, have all that and then some.

The Village Project, is designed to be a nation wide standardized, mentoring and education program to address the issues of Black youth in America. It can also be used individually, in home based groups or in community organizations.

Every Organization that has in it’s mission statement “The Betterment of The Black Community” should, out of necessity, have a youth activism department.

We know that “children are our future”, we know that “it takes a Village”, we know “if each one can reach one.” We know, we know, we know.

We know that if you change your environment you change your outlook and therefore change your mind which can change your life. What we don’t know is how to make it all come together. It is important that we are all on the same page and speaking the same message at the same time to all of our youth. It is a lot like having a number 1 song on the radio, almost every child in America knows every word of the song, even the 3 year old.

I am suggesting that every parent take the initiative and join the Village Project. This is something that we as Unified Black People in America can do by ourselves and for ourselves.

Each one of us is part of a larger Village, your Village is your home and the people who live there. But you are part of the Village of you father and the Village of your mother. Your parents are then part of the Village of each of their parents. We are each also part of the Village that forms the community where we live.

Women are the most important part of our collective Village. Because of the significant influence that women have in the lives of children and other young people who they spend time with women can change the world.

Because of the amount of time that mothers spend with children and young people, They are in a unique position to utilize their influential access. Influential access means that you can get their attention when others can’t. Women are the key to making a better world for our children to grow and to thrive in. I am asking all women; mothers, aunts, Gram mas and God Moms to please get a copy of this program and begin working with your family, have a Formal meeting once a week, discuss the matters and teach the children the things they need to know. Call for your nieces and nephews, invite your neighbor’s children, do a block club thing, do whatever it takes to get the attention of as many children as you can.

Men are important too, men are the protectors, role models and disciplinarians, they teach the tough lessons in life. Men, I am asking you to support the women, be present at the meetings, be a part of the solution.

I am not dismissing those men who are doing it all on their own, single fathers have a unique position, like mother’s they have that influential access. Dads I am asking you to do the same as the women.

The Church used to be the basis of the cultural foundation in the Black community. That is no longer true. There are hundreds of religious affiliations, political groups and activist organizations, but it does not seem like they are all speaking the same thing.

Any one over the age of eight years old should be exposed to this information. It is good solid old school stuff that we sometimes forget to discuss with our children. By using this program in every Black household in America we can strengthen the Black community and change the world.

I am suggesting that this program be home based to eliminate outside distractions and influences. No one knows what our kids need like we do. The problem has been that all of the information was not pulled together in a singular format. Well here it is, I have done the work and the research to start us off on the road to recovery in the Black Community.

We know that the children are our future, let us embrace and nurture them, let us set them on the right path so that they can have a healthy productive life where they display respect and are respected.

Please embrace this program, bring into your home, apply the principles that it contains. Back up this program with the Bible, even though the program was not written quoting the bible, The Bible is the foundation of good morale character. If we employ this program, we shall be a stronger, healthier, more educated, and better respected UNIFIED BLACK AMERICA.

Parents are like shuttles on a loom. They join the threads of the past with threads of the future and leave their own bright patterns as they go.
Fred Rogers


Unified Black America is an association of Black People in America who share a history and a vision for Black People in America.

It is our intent to bring unity to Black People in America. To share a culture of excellence, education, hard work, and honesty. To behave with self respect and to require respect for others.

The goal of Unified Black America is to see all Black People in America, healthy, educated, productive, respectful and respected.

Declaration of Unity

As a member of Unified Black America, I share the , Values, and Vision that UBA holds for Black People in America. As a member of Unified Black America, I have a responsibility to teach, train, educate and discipline my children.

© Copyright 2013 Village Project Publishing

Strength in Unity

A single thread is easily broken but many threads make a mighty rope



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