Good Morning Heartache

This week I had a conversation,with a friend, about how emotional hurt never really leaves you.

Later that day, the song, Good Morning Heart Ache, came to mind.The last line of the song is “Might as well get used to you hanging around, good morning heart ache sit down. I realized that there is a difference in resignation to a fact and acceptance of a fact.

The challenge is to find a place in the back of your consciousness for the hurt to reside. If you don’t give it a space it, will always be right there, front and center, getting in the way of everything in your life.

Our experiences, the good and the bad, help to shape who we are today. The hurt that you went through years ago, may make you a better able to appreciate what someone else might be going through. You may have gained the wisdom or compassion to help them get through their hurt.

One of the topics in my program, My Village Project, is teen intimacy. There is a discussion on how physiological responses form deep emotional attachments. These attachments are meant to forge and sustain long-term committed relationships. Ever wonder why you will always love your first love?

When teens engage in intimacy, before they are equipped to handle the addictive like effects of LOVE, they run the risk of being hurt. That early experience could damage their self-image and esteem, and cause relationship trouble for years.

Encourage your teen to delay intimacy until they are emotionally mature enough. If your teen does experience the hurt of an intimate relationship, assure them that the pain does get better. Let them know that in time they will find a true love, that will make them push the memory of their first hurt way to the back of their consciousness.

Here is an excerpt from teen intimacy topic of the program:

It’s the emotional or psychological dimension of sex that makes it distinctively human. Our entire person, mind,body, and feelings is involved. That’s why sexual intimacy has potentially powerful emotional consequences.There are a lot of chemicals racing around your brain and body when you’re in “love”. Besides estrogen and testosterone influencing your desire for sex, Love and sex create a “high, during sex an amphetamine-likerush of dopamine, norepinephrine and phenylethylamine. Oxytocin, vasopressin and endorphins are also released. These chemicals are the basis Love and long-term relationship bonding, child bearing and the family unit. Which makes them okay for mature adult sexual   in early teenage sexual activity these chemicals can overwhelm your emotions and create emotional issues. Because of the nature of the chemicals involved in sex, a teenage couple can experience extreme emotional attachment to the partner, jealousy and obsessiveness. If the relationship ends, the break up could become ugly. There could be suicide attempts, stalking situations, physical violence or worse.

The other topics in the young adult section of My Village Project are: Conflict Resolution, Anger Management, Drugs, Alcohol and Tobacco, Gun Violence, and Teen intimacy.

It Takes a Village Raise A Child and This is My Village Project

Take Care of Your Village

The Village Mother


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