Direction In Life and Setting SMART Goals

Direction In Life

Direction or purpose in life is what makes us keep on going, The possibility of what you can
accomplish with your degree is the motivation to go to college for.6 to 10 years. If you have no
direction in life, you might find yourself 40, uneducated and unemployed. Even Worse, you could
find yourself addicted and hanging out on the corner all day. Having direction inyour life is part of
developing as a youth and later as an adult.

Direction means having a goal and being focused enough to achieve it. Some people are very self
directed, they know exactly what they want to do and how to get it done. They are willing to make
the tough sacrifices to see their dreams achieved.
Not everyone has to be a college graduate. Some people no real idea of what they want. They don’t
set any clear goals, they just let life happen. Many people survive quite nicely, doing whatever
comes along. However, having some idea of what you want to accomplish makes life that much

Some people have a purpose of nurturing, they choose to stay at home and do the not so glamorous
job of homemaking. They fulflil themselves with the satisfaction of doing a tough job well. They
see to all the things that a family and home needs.
They may find their outlet in some extention of the nurturing role that they assume everyday. You
may find the nurturer in Sunday School, the local daycare, or in the after school reading enrichment
program. They are troop leaders and neighborhood leaders and bloggers. There is nothing wrong
with choosing to be a full time homemaker. Before the 60’s, most married women with children
did stay at home.

Direction is often a matter of talent, interest, encouragement and resources. Sometimes our direction
is laid out for us, you may be expected to follow the family tradition If your path has already been
determined for you then, you won’t have to do think too much about what to do or how to achieve
it. If yoiu are going to follow the family tradition, perhaps you can use this information to pursue
some personal interest that you may have

Goal Setting Success

Any decision to do or become something, usually starts the goal setting process. Setting a goal more
than saying, I am going to this or that, a considerable amount of thought and planning go into
setting good achievable goals.

Success is determined by the original goal. If you set a goal to walk across the room, then once you
get to the other side, you have success. A goal of walking across the room might seem trivial, if you
are in good health and good physical shape. To a person who has limited physical ability, walking
across the room could seem like climbing Mount Rushmore. It’s all relative.

Any goal you set has to be a reasonable goal for you, right now right where you are. You need to
pay special attention to the goal that you set. If you set a big goal, set smaller goals to help you
succeed along the way. Success is individual, your success is yours alone. No one can tell you what
your success should look like.
There are days when my goal is to do nothing but watch old movies on TV all day long. That might
seem like a waste of time to some people, but I enjoy the old movies and I rarely get to sit and
watch old movies all day. It is important to me and no one else.

Even a goal as simple as that requires some planning, I can’t sit and watch TV all day, if I haven’t
done my housework. The goals that you set will in some part determine your success in life,
Here are a few tips to help you achieve your goals.

Develop A Vision

The first step is to develop a vision for yourself, what do you want to do in life? What do you see
yourself doing in the next year? What about the next 5 years? Answer these questions. What do you
love to do? Where does your passion and desire lie? Do you like to teach? Are you the rescuer type?
Do you like to tinker and discover how things work? Do you love flowers?

How much education and training do you need to do that? Can you see yourself doing that for the
next 40 to 50 years? This article is about career goals, but your vision planning can cover any area
of your life; consider Personal Goals, Hobbies, Health, Career, Family, Finance, Creative, Personal
health and Social Causes.

Give it some thought

Take some time consider what it is that you most want to do with your life. Consider what is most
important to you. Write it down be very specific. Make your goal a positive statement.. This is my
own vision: I want to teach elementary school children and mentor children between the ages of 8
and 15. I want to teach because, what children learn in early elementary helps shape their future

Make it important to you

As a social cause I want to mentor youth and young adults. I want to teach them as much as I can
about what they will need to know as they navigate the teen years and mature into adult hood. I
believe that my input will help them all become successful and productive adults. This is your
vision it can be as big as you want it to be. Do you want to be Secretary General of the Unified
States? Do you want to be Treasury Secretary? Do you want to be the next Supreme Court Justice
or Director of the CIA? Use as many details as you can.

Set your goal

Once you have your vision in place. Turn that vision into a goal. A goal is a statement of a desired
accomplishment.Use the acronym SMART to make sure your goal is; Specific, Measurable,
Attainable Relevant and Time Measured. Take my vision, considering my age, I have decided that I
am not willing to put in the time to become a certified teacher. But there are other ways to teach.
Specific To tutor elementary school children.
Measurable When I have tutoring clients
Attainable Yes Because no certification is required to assist a child with homework and the
basics. I don’t need to take any classes. So I can begin immediately This is realistic because I have
been doing it for friends and family for the last 40 years. The cost to start is less than $100.00
Relevant This is relevant to my goal of teaching. It is something I can see feel touch and do.
Time Measured I will begin my teaching at the start of the 2013 2014 school year. September
10, 2013.

Mentoring To start a youth group

Achieving your goal
Now that you have your vision and you have set your goal, it is time to get to work to get it done.
So let’s take my goal of teaching and look at it from the perspective of a 16 year old. What are the
steps that someone in high school has to take to become a teacher.
• maintain good grades at least a 3.0
• apply to college and be accepted
• graduate from high school
• graduate from college
• have a clean background No felony’s no drug’s no sexual issues
• take the teaching exam for your state
• apply for teaching job
Things that would be helpful
• join future teachers of America
• do co- op work in a day care or preschool
• find work as a teachers assistant

You can break down these steps into sub goals. Together your goals, sub goals and helpful things
should create a road map to you achieving your goals. Add your time line and you will be all set.
Every thing that you do should be helping you to reach your goal in life. Your job or business
should either be a stepping stone toward achieving your goal or it should be the goal itself. Remain
the goal is the target.
• maintain good grades at least a 3.0
• complete assignments
• study
• Pass tests
• use good citizenship
• achieve 3.0 every semester
• apply to college and be accepted
• work with school counselors
• work with parents
• look for education money
• graduate from high school
• graduate from college
• have a clean background No felony’s no drug’s no sexual issues
• avoid people who could drag you into these things
• make wise decisions
• don’t use drugs don’t involve yourself in illegal activity
• take the teaching exam for your state
• prep for the exam
• register for the exam
• continue to prep for the exam
• get plenty of rest before the exam
• know exactly where you are going
• apply for teaching job
• get hired begin teaching

Take action

A goal is only a wish until you take action. It will take about 7 years for a 16 year old to achieve
goal of becoming a teacher. Use your goals and sub goals to consistently move toward your bigger
goal. If you fall off from time to time, refocus yourself and keep plugging away. Make sure that the
goals you have set for yourself are within your control. Review your goals at least once a week. Set a
day as goal review day. Maybe Sunday Night while your nails dry, or Thursday afternoon while you
wait at the barber.

Be creative

Use a brightly colored strong notebook (composition book) or a diary, this book will be with you for
the next 10 years, make sure it is something you love. Use it to keep set your goals and to sequence
them. After your goals have been set and sequenced, then you can follow up and track your
Remember some goals are short term, next week, or next year. Some Goals are more long term 2
5 years even 15 or 20 years. The basic rule is that you should always be doing something that is going
to move you closer to your next goal and your ultimate goal. Goals can be revised when needed and
crossed off when completed.
Do an annual goal check to make sure that you made progress over the last year. Aim high and keep on
keepin’ on. You will achieve your goals in time.


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