The Scarecrow Was No dummie

Recently, I was watched The Wiz, with my grandchildren.  I realized that we sometimes discount people because they aren’t as “smart’ as we think they should be.

In the “The Wiz” the scarecrow had newspaper and straw where his brain should have been. Because the scarecrow had “no brain”, the crows believed he was not smart. The scarecrow believed what the crows told him.

But, the scarecrow was no dummy.  Even though he had no “brain,”  he  read the little  bits of paper that were used to stuff his head.   He just “knew” that there was something better, in life,  than hanging on that pole.  The problem was –   he needed help to get down.

The crows had no interest in helping the scarecrow. They needed him around  to make them feel better about themselves.  They had to work in the sweatshop everyday.  But at least they weren’t stuck up on a pole.

Then Dorothy came to his aid.  He was finally free from that pole!   Once the scarecrow got his legs together, he realized that the crows were hindering his efforts and they never intended to help him.

During their adventure to find the Wiz,  the scarecrow  had many opportunities to use the “brain” he did not have.  He was able to figure things out rather quickly:

He saw the set up after the subway incident,  He saw that the tin man’s tears woke the lion from the sleeping gas  and had the tin man cry on Dorothy by thinking of his lost wife Teeny.

It was the scarecrow who signaled Dorothy to pull the fire alarm. The water melted the Witch, releasing everyone in the workshop – including the crows, from the Witches’ spell.

It turns out that the scarecrow was responsible for releasing the crows from  Evelleen’s  Sweatshop but the crows had no interest in helping the scarecrow, because he had no “brain”

“Smart” comes in many dimensions, don’t ignore the simple wisdom of the people you encounter.

It takes a village to raise a child and this is My Village Project.

Take Care of Your Village

The Village Mother


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