Don’t Forget To Tell Them

First, let me say Thank You Thank You Thank You, to those of you who have read my articles, “followed”  or “liked” me. Thank you. It is very encouraging to know that someone one actually reads what I write, and some of you even agree.

My current obligations keep me from having meaningful dialogue with intelligent people. But, we rise above our circumstances.

My Village Project is based on a program that I have developed for youth mentoring in the Black Community. I hope that all of my articles can be used as talking points for the youth in your lives as well.

Moving on to the article.

Last weekend was the commemoration march in Washington DC. I initiated a conversation, about the original march, with my 12 year old grandson and he was clueless. Well, at first it hurt me a bit, but then I realized that he is exactly why I started My Village Project.

I took the opportunity to tell him about segregation, the Klan, and the realities of racism. I also told him about The Montgomery church bombings, The Little Rock 9, and Emmit Till. Then we discussed the the murders of Medgar Evers and other civil rights workers, MLK and JFK. After our conversation, I realized that no one is telling our kids the story.

African culture has always used story telling as a means to transfer information, knowledge, and wisdom to the people.

We all know the Ananzi stories.

I would like to remind everyone to continue to tell our kids the story. It is part of who we are.  We need to know the past just as much as we need to look to a brighter future.

There is a website called The African History Network it has a wealth of information, please use it to help educate our children about our real history.  We are more than former slaves and we will never be victims.

It takes a village to raise a child and this is My Village Project.

Take Care of Your Village

The Village Mother


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