What makes a Getto

Freedicitionary.com has this to say:1. (Sociology) a densely populated slum area of a city inhabited by a socially and economically deprived minority

(Sociology) a group or class of people that is segregated in some way

a section of a city, esp. a thickly populated slum area, inhabited predominantly by members of a minority group. 2. (formerly, in most European countries) a section of a city in which all Jews were required to live. an environment to which a group has been relegated, as because of bias.

Barriers that make a ghetto,  While some barriers  might be brick, some barriers are invisible..  Since a ghetto is usually associated with a lower class of people; people who do not or did not have the same economic, educational or housing opportunities as those you would describe as middle class or upper class, then those people who consider themselves to be middle class or upper class look down on ghetto folks or disregard them all together.   But if you look at the true definition of the word Ghetto, you will see that the wealthiest, most exclusive, gated communities in America are essentially Ghettos.

Being from the Ghetto does not make you Ghetto Some people in the so called” ghetto” have excellent social skills, they know how to use all twelve pieces of silverware on the table and all four glasses. They can talk to the Preacher, the Politician or the Podiatrist with equal ease. They can quote Shakespear and recite Keats. They are familiar with classical music, the opera and the ballet.  Just as being from the ghetto does not necessarily make you ghetto, being from the cultured side of town does not make you better than the people who have not had your same exposures.

The “Ghetto” mentality, that so many of our youth hold today ,is a result of the garbage that they consume for entertainment. This is the new black stereotype and I believe that we should demand a change in the one dimensional images that are being transmitted to represent the life, culture, and character of over 41 million Black people in the United States. (2012 US Census estimate)

I will not indict an entire industry.  Parents and guardians have some responsibility here as well. It is our responsibility, as the adult, to ensure that our youth have limited access to the garbage that is out there.

I live in Detroit and I saw a commercial the other day that just knocked me down. There’s a few of them;  In one the lady is talking about the product and then she does a chest thump and whoop whoop at the end of the message, Who acts like that? Then there is  a department store commercial where the 8 and 10 year old kids are out in front of the school giving each other compliments with the old “Yo momma” routine. I was so offended, How about the one with the camel on humpday running through the office acting like a 9 year old on Christmas Eve.

These images are coming from somewhere.  I don’t believe that it is beginning with our youth and then being reflected,; I believe that it is being projected to our youth and then being imitated. Even on the Disney Channel now, the kids are lippy, rude, disrespectful and Mmmmm”,Ghetto:

The ghetto can produce positive people just like the other parts of town can. There are many athletes from mother only households who said it was their mother who kept them out of the streets. There are actors who grew up in the ghettos of Chicago, New York, LA, and so on. There are Doctors, Lawyers, CPA’s and CEO’s who came from the Ghetto. Pilots, Mechanics,and Engineers.too.

Back to the point, Ghetto is a state of mind, it has nothing in the world to do with where you live.  Just like the computer programmer says” garbage in garbage out” . We get out of our youth what we put into them.

Let us fill them with the beauty and glory of who they are, the strength and courage of where they came from. Let us fill them with all the good stuff that it takes to make sure that they turn out to be great adults. Let us love them, respect them and cherish them like the precious souls they are.

It takes a village to raise a child and this is my village project.

Have a great day

The Village Mother.


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