Respect and Other People’s Children

I had an encounter with a kid the other day that made me want to drag her home by her ear, and demand that the mother spank her right in front of me.

I had walked out of my front door that day to see about a half dozen neighborhood kids, climbing on top of a car. Granted that half of the kids on the car belonged to the owner of the car. I have seen this many times before and usually just give a warning to be careful.

This day I say a 12 year old neighbor from down the street, walk; from the front bumper, across the hood, over the windshield, down the back glass, and across the trunk. All of this was so that she could sit on the trunk of the car.

I said to the group in general, “does your mother know that you are walking all over her car?”, there was no response from the 10 and 12 year old kids. But, the 7 year old said just loud enough for me to hear her, erk, no one’s listening, I muttered something under my breath about a smart A** child, and continued what I was doing.

As I worked with the rear door of my car, I could hear the 7 year old, laughing in a too loud and much exaggerated manner. I ignored her, I will not engage a child, so as I prepared to leave, I promised myself that I would speak to her mother about her behavior, just as soon as I could.

The following morning the same child came to my porch to play with my 7 year old grandchild. I politely told her that because of her behavior she was not welcome at my house.

I think that I enjoyed setting her straight myself, more than I would have enjoyed talking to her mother about the situation. I have no issue with the mother, she has 2 or 3 other children who are quite polite and very well mannered.

The point is that you can get respect, without losing your cool.

Have a Great Day!


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