What Image do you project?

What kind of Image do you project?

What do you think that people think, when they see you walking down the street? When they see you in a car, when they see you from afar? Do you think, that they think, “oh there goes a nice young man.” Or do they hold their belongings tighter in their hand? Here is a little piece I wrote, It is called When you look at me. The images and realities are taken from my experience with young men in the family and some of their friends. It is also an ode to Tray Von.

When you look at me what do you see?

Do you see a thug because I wear a hoodie

When you look at me what do you see?

Do you see someone who might kill your baby

Do you see a drug dealer a car – jacker, a thief ?

When you look at me what do you see?

I am a truck driver, a home owner too

I have no children, just me and my boo.

I’m a dad alone I work for

a living, a land contract on my home

enjoy just chillin’

I’m a dad a good man a maintenance technician

my girl +3 rent a home in the city

I’m buying my house and I’m engaged to

my girl I have 2 daughters I’m an entrepreneur

I’m a cook at the nursing home married and all that

I have 3 kids a dog and a cat

I work at the home store I have a wife and a kid

don’t judge me cause I wear a hat on my head

I’m a grounds keeper no kids no girl

at this point in life my mom is my world.

I’m a single dude I live in an apartment

I work at the steel plant

I don’t have no dealings with the police department

I’m a police office candidate helping my mom

take care of my nephews take care of the lawn

I work at the plant married and such take care of

my daughter my wife love them a bunch.

I’m a dad a widow and a darn good man raisin my son

the best that I can

When you look at me what do you see

do you still see a thug in a hoodie?

Pamela Moultrie

When I was growing up, image was everything,. Your grand mother taught you to “look like you got something/” It didn’t matter that you did not have a nickle and had not eaten for two days, you got up in the morning, washed your face, combed your hair and put on your starched, creased jeans, polished street shoes and went about your day. You didn’t dare leave home with a scarf on your head or in you house shoes and pajama pants, that was not allowed.

One day I was getting dressed to go to work at my office job, my car was down and I had to take the bus. That morning as I was getting ready I had a terrible time, so I ended up dressed in jeans, and a blazer with a pair of heels

It was clean and all the colors matched but that day almost every single man who drove past tooted his horn. So when I got to work I did double check and I realized that I was dressed like some of the local hookers. The jacket was too short and the jeans were to tight to wear with heels. If I had, had on gym shoes, no one would have looked twice. So you see image is important.

We looked at the pictures in Ebony, Jet, GQ, Cosmo and Vogue we worked hard to copy those looks on a budget. Billy D Williams was one of the best dressed men in Hollywood. Everybody wanted to dress like the Temptations and the other Motown groups. We wanted to look like we were about something.

The average person who sees you for the first time will make a judgment in about 5 seconds as to the kind of person you are. Do you want to be judged as successful, up and coming, neat and well groomed? Or do you want to be judged as somebody from the streets, a wino, junkie, gang banger or worse?

Every place that you go there is a dress code, when you go to the game, you wear a team jersey or the team colors. When you go to the opera you wear a suit or tux.

Can anyone tell me who decided the dress code for local neighborhood everyday wear should be pajamas and head rags, with pants hanging down?

Image is very important, if you are dressed right you can walk into anyplace and no one would look twice at you. But if you are dressed less than your best, they will spot you from a block away.

When you get up to get dressed in the morning, look in the mirror and ask yourself, Is this the image that I want to project.

Go online and get some of the GQ and Vogue magazines, look at the way the people are dressed, choose your image and begin to build your wardrobe to match the image you want to project.

It would be so nice if the in the house clothes could stay in the house, when you come outside you want to project the very best image that you can.


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