There is an old saying, “free your mind and the rest will follow.” Some people understand that better than others. I once heard a story about a young man who could not afford to travel; instead, he read travel books from the library. Even though he could not physically go, he experienced other contraries through reading. This poem by Kahlil Gibran sums it up nicely.


A poem from Kahlil Gibran as used in the animated movie The Prophet

There are all kinds of cages for 7 years this house has been mine, the crime poetry. They think that I am their prisoner but I have flown away many times, right out that window high above the whole island

We are not prisoners of houses or our bodies not even of other people, we are spirits free as the wind

I have seen people throw themselves down and worship their own freedom like slave before a tyrant and praising him though he slays them.

I have seen the freest among them wear their freedom as a handcuff. And my heart bled within me; for you can only be free when you when you no longer speak of freedom as a goal

How can you be free unless you break the chains you have fastened around yourself. In truth That which they call freedom is the strongest of these chains though its links glitter in the sun and dazzle your eyes.

And to become free what would you remove that is not a part of yourself. If it is a tyrant his throne was built within you? I f it is a care you would cast off, that care has been chosen by you. And if it is a fear you would drive away the root of that fear is in your heart and not in the hand of the feared.

These things move within you as lights in the shadows a constant half embrace, You will be free indeed not when your days are not without a care nor your nights without a want and a grief; but rather, when these things bind your life and yet you rise above them unbound.

I was not aware of the writings of Kahlil Gibran, before I saw this animated poem on television. It is both enlightening and inspiring. I hope that you can gain some inspiration from it as well. The poem is about the that the power lies within each of us. We are free to pursue our own hopes dreams and passions. Many of the obstacles that we encounter are only constructs of our mind. Exercise your freedom.

Even when the way seems impossible, there is always a way. Self development, and independent education coupled with persistence and deliberate action can open many doors. Learn always, and remember we are spirit only our own chains bind us.

This blog is a mentoring aid, each post is a lesson.

Knowledge is everywhere. Learn all that you can. Use all that you learn. Community is the key. Become a part of your community. Encourage the young people to do the same.

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Today Is: July 17, 2018


Today is July 17, 2018

National Tattoo Day World Emoji Day

Today in history

July 17, 1955 Disneyland Opened

July 17, 1967 John Coltrane Died “John Coltrane was an African-American composer and jazz saxophonist. He is now known to be one of the most significant and influential jazz saxophonists in history.

July 17, 1959 Billie Holiday Died Billie Holiday( born as Eleanore Fagan) was a legendary American jazz singer, songwriter and actress.

Today Is July 13, 2018

Today Is: July 13, 2018


Today In History: July 13, 1853

Robin Holmes wins his children’s freedom by suing the slave holder.

Robin Holmes, a slave who moved with his slave holder Nathaniel Ford to Oregon, Along with his wife and 3 of their children also held as slaves by Ford. They traveled 6 months and 2000 miles from Missouri to Oregon on the promise of freedom once Ford’s farm was established.

It took six years for Holmes to see his freedom. But not before he was ordered to go to California and mine gold, for Ford. Once freedom was granted it only applied to Mr Holmes, his wife and an infant child. Ford held his 4 children because Ford had fed and clothed them while they were too young to work.

After one child died, Under Fords captivity, Holmes filed a habeas corpus suit against Ford in 1852, seeking freedom for the children in Ford’s custody.

It took over 15 months, for Holmes to gain his children’s freedom. But on July 13, 1853, The New Chief Justice of Territory Supreme court, George H Williams, returned the children to Mr and Mrs. Holmes, declaring that “without some positive legislative enactment establishing slavery here, it did not and could not exist in Oregon.’’


Oregon was established as a free state and slavery was never legal. There were a few attempts to legalize slavery. The issue wasn’t finally resolved until voters approved the 1857 Constitution. Even so, Oregon’s 1860 Census listed two adults and one child as slaves.

Information provided by Gregory Nokes.

Greg Nokes, Breaking Chains: Slavery on Trial in the Oregon Territory (Corvallis: Oregon State University Press, 2013);  Quintard Taylor, “Slaves and Free Men: Blacks in the Oregon Country, 1840-1860,” Oregon Historical Quarterly 83:2 (Summer 1982)

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Today Is: July 12, 2018

Today Is: July 12, 2018

On this day in History:

Frederick McKinley Jones patented automatic refrigeration system for long haul trucks. Patent No. 2475841 (Also patented air conditioning, April 1942)

Frederick McKinley Jones (May 17, 1893 – February 21, 1961) was an African-American inventor, and entrepreneur, His innovations in refrigeration brought great improvement to the long-haul transportation of perishable goods. He was also a co founder of Thermo King refrigerated trucks. In fact he has about 2 dozen patents.

information provided by Details from wikipedia

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Recently a government report showed that black preschool children are expelled more often than non black youth. That report became a topic on a radio talk show. An educator who called in stated that the children lack self control.
Before this post, I thought that self-control was the ability to sit still and be quiet for an hour. Or the ability to refrain from eating the whole cake. However, I recently found out that there are numerous benefits for people with good self control.

In short, self control leads to a better life. In a Psychology Today article, Shahram Heshmat Ph.D. States that “The beneficial effects of self-control suggest that interventions targeted at strengthening self-control may improve the overall well-being of the general population.”

We need self control in every aspect of our lives. On the website “change your thoughts change your life,” author – Daniel Ndukwu states that self control is one of the most important skills that we can learn to develop. Self control is not about denying yourself pleasures; rather it is important for working towards a higher ideal and making current sacrifices to achieve long term goals.


Many published studies list the proven benefits of good self control as:

  • Greater well being

  • The ability to achieve long-term goals

  • Reduced anxiety and performance related stress

  • Self control Governs impulse control

  • Lower rates of obesity and addiction

  • Better overall physical health

  • Better relationships

  • Greater resilience

  • Better decision-making

  • Better focus and performance

  • More important than intelligence and talent

How do we reap the benefits of improved self control? Nathan DeWall, PhD offered these tips to improve self control in “Psychology Teacher Network’s” article Self-control: Teaching students about their greatest inner strength

  1. Use your self control wisely. Self control requires mental energy, which will fizzle out with exertion. Use your self control where it counts.
  2. Develop your Self control muscle. Self control stamina can be improved by exercises that require concentration,such as writing or brushing your teeth with the non dominant hand.
  1. Set yourself up for success. By taking control of your environment, you can actually improve your self control. Set a goal and for the next week, modify your environment to accommodate your goal. Turn off the phone if you need to write. Avoid trigger foods if you are on a diet.
  1. Take the mind out of the middle Declare your intentions, so that you will know what you are going to do and when. Self control is a concern for our youth because they are overstimulated. Our children are engaged all day long and even into the night. Self control is a skill that we develop with training and discipline.


With my fresh perspective on the role of self control, I strongly urge each of you to encourage the youth in your life to develop and strengthen their self control. Here are a few techniques.

Believe that you are in control of your destiny; it is easier to achieve when you believe.

Practice self control daily; practice develops skill.

Count to 10 when necessary; this on works for tempers and for impulses.

Get plenty of rest, self control is not as easy when you are exhausted or confused or overwhelmed.

Get proper nutrition. nutrition is key to all of our efforts a well nourished body and mind work better.

Exercise. exercise is good for all of you, even your will power or self control.

Meditate, meditation clears the mind and improves focus.

Make a plan, having a plan requires less immediate thought and attention.

Stick to the plan, use the detailed steps of your plan to assure success.

Encourage yourself, use kind words with yourself. say something nice to yourself everyday.

Keep practicing self control, self control is a skill you must work to develop it and keep it in shape.

Know the why and how of your efforts, the why keeps you going even when you do not see a how at all.


This blog is a mentoring aid, each post is a lesson.

Knowledge is everywhere. Learn all that you can. Use all that you learn. Community is the key. Become a part of your community. Encourage the young people to do the same.

Auntie Starshine, Influencer,

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Today Is: July 11, 2018

Today Is: July 11, 2018


Today in History: July 11, 1905 Niagra Movement founded by WEB DuBois,

Black intellectuals and activists organized the Niagara movement (the forerunner of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People) at a meeting near Niagara Falls. Delegates from fourteen states, led by W.E.B. Du Bois and William Monroe Trotter, demanded abolition of all distinctions based on race.

Information from

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Today: July 10, 2018

July 10,2018

Mary Mc Cloud Bethune’s Birthday                            National Pina Colada Day


Mary Mc Cloud Bethune, was born on July 10, 1875 in South Carolina. Her parents were former slaves.

MS. Bethune, chose to go to school, so she attended a one room black school called Trinity Mission School. She had to walk five miles to get to school.

Mary Mc Cloud Bethune was respected as an educator, social activist and champion for African American women. She devoted her life to social causes.

She started up her own organization by the name of the National Council of Negro Women. This organization represented groups that worked on issues affecting African American women such as education, economic opportunities and racial segregation. Located in Washington, D.C.

Mary Mc Cloud Bethune, was a member of the NAACP (National Association for the Advancement of Colored People) and represented it at the United Nations founding Conference 1945

As an educator and social activist, she worked with presidents Harry Truman, Calvin Coolidge, Herbert Hoover, and Franklin Roosevelt, on a host of social matters

info provided by Black and Black History Resources. and National Days Calander